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In 2019 FGA created the concept of turning sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into a credit to share the cost of the expensive but low carbon fuel. The intention was to make it easy to access SAF, in small volumes, to spread the cost between airlines and corporate travellers (demand side) and to align the credit with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) due to the FGA credit being introduced through Gold Standard. On the supply side it will stimulate the sustainable aviation fuel market which supports the reduction in emissions from flying and reliance on fossil-based jet fuel.

It took some time for the concept to come to fruition and for protocol to align; RSB have taken on the role to create the rules around what the credit or Book & Claim Unit (BCU) should look like including measurement, considering the incentives of a country, the C02 equivalent and additionality. There have been several consultation periods where RSB members got to contribute and feedback on the manual and it will now go into its 4th version this year.

RSB are a not-for-profit so will not build the registry that the units will sit on but the registry or registries are likely to follow the RSB manual and rules globally.

Boeing are the sponsors of the Book & Claim program development and in 2022 there have been several pilots happening to test the rules and the digital aspects of the work.

It is intended to create transparency, to de-risk for investors and to avoid additional double counting in the industry as well accelerate the market uptake of SAF by airlines, growing the market size in general.

Science Based Targets (SBTi) supports SAF use with [insert] methodology and are aligned with the Book & Claim protocol with the use of the ICAO LCA, to work out the GHG reduction of the fuel.

Certification bodies accepted by SBTi:

Gold Standard are also aligned with Book & Claim protocol and rulings and are happy to be able to be involved with the mass acceptance and also certification of SAF in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The unit and methodology seeking approval from Gold Standard is now ready for development in order to support the global targets to decarbonise air travel by 2050.

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