FGA Futures

Fly Green Alliance is now sitting under our umbrella FGA Futures. Fly Green Alliance will become the name of our membership alliance and will always be our original startup name. 

We have evolved the work we do in sustainable aviation fuel alone to travel, mobility and transport in general and work more broadly as sustainability consultants, ESG specialists and product developers and in sport; so we want our vision and strategy be clear to those visiting our site and for our future clients. 

We are also developing more communication strands of work as we feel this is essential to any sustainability strategy and commitments, as well as working on increasing investments and financial opportunities for low carbon developments. 

We leverage our expertise in digital, products and comms to weave this experience into our unique services, offerings and consultancy. Our CEO also brings 15 years of London ad agency and market research experience, and additional knowledge from having living in 3 global cities and insights into culture, systems and travel having visited 30+ countries in her time and being an avid traveller. 

We bring remote teams together, interesting innovators and new thinking to our innovation agency – FGA Futures

Contact us to find out more about our membership and consultancy.

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