Our story

Why was FGA set up?

FGA was developed from the Booking.com funded biofuel technology project: www.jetfuelfromwaste.com in 2019 and has been created by Sarah Wilkin.

Sarah during the Booking Cares workshop –
December 2018 at Booking.com HQ in Amsterdam

While Sarah was business developing for the University of Amsterdam project she realised after some time that the capital investors were not ready to make the jump to invest in biofuel technology, 10 years in the making, there were barriers to accessing funding for research, there was much apprehension, was little public awareness and the customer was not there. Biofuel/sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) was not on the agenda, not part of many grant programmes and it became apparent that the next funding would not be found within 12 months, and the grant would run out.

After speaking to the airlines it was clear they could not commit to paying 3 times the price of kerosene for the new greener fuel (SAF), while staying competitive, and policy was not encouraging investors to take the plunge. Was this the end of the project? No, this was the start of FGA.

In conjunction with Heather Wray, amongst other mentors and team members, it was possible to set up FGA as a business solutions and advocacy consultancy. We created our values and business model with Climate Kic, are advised and coached by Booking.com as part of their alumni programme and have been given support and advice by senior business and policy experts.

You can watch our story being told by our founder online here and read Sarah’s recent interview on the Troopl website here.

With our 20 + years digital, marketing, market research and sustainability backgrounds we are working to accelerate the energy transition in the travel sector and this is our purpose for developing FGA.