Sustainable travel workshops

We’re heading into a green age now and it’s important to take action for the good of climate, business, society and individuals. Many businesses need to travel and want to travel. We know now that in-person makes all the difference. It’s a way to see our planet, but if we want to maintain it, then we’ll need to go low-carbon. How do we do this? We can help you with that at FGA.

FGA offer bespoke introductory sustainable mobility workshops which will discuss:

  • Climate and environmental targets
  • Reporting and measurement
  • Sustainable travel policies
  • Industry best practice and cases studies
  • Sustainable aviation fuel
  • Low carbon solutions in travel and more

Who has taken our workshops?

  • Travel management companies
  • Business travel associations
  • Transport companies – rail companies and airlines
  • Universities
  • Business travellers/corporations
  • Sports associations and groups

Workshops are created by our industry experts, thoughts leaders and trends specialists to keep you in the-know about your steps to net zero through sustainable travel. Whether you are a sustainability champion in your workplace, you are in the travel or sustainability team and need solutions or HR and wish to encourage sustainable behaviours amongst employees; we can create a bespoke interactive presentation for you.

Price€1500-3000 dependent upon duration, level of detail and needs

Our client’s comments

“Thanks Sarah, the presentation was excellent – clear, informative and stimulating for both us and the students!”

Mateo Tarantino, Associate Researcher, University of Geneva & Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of Milan

Interesting insights into what the ‘new normal’ and ‘green recovery’ means for the travel industry from the FGA team.”


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