FGA Travel Smart™

Right now in this moment we have an opportunity to implement a revolutionary progressive reset in travel and business. Let’s take this chance and create a new model.

“Coronavirus will change the world permanently – the rules we lived by won’t apply..new forms of reform.”


Let’s consider employee wellbeing, reduce global carbon emissions, create optimum productivity and ensure the future of travel and business is sustainable and supported by all.

FGA Travel Smart™ is a programme to enable Travel Managers, TMCs, CSR Managers, Department Directors, Finance Directors, Sustainability Managers and CEOs to rethink.

Our work is put together by researchers, scientists and industry experts. It has been reviewed and given the green light.

FGA Travel Smart…”one of the most relevant and exciting solutions” in sustainable travel.

Johnny Thorsen – VP, Innovation and Strategy – Amex Digital Labs

We are sustainable mobility experts and can provide you with information to make strategic decisions and can start small but absolutely think big.

Please contact sarah@flygreenalliance.org to discuss how you can join our early adopters to become examples to the world.

We’re working with companies that would usually fly for business and would like to reduce their overall emissions from travel to become carbon neutral. Is that you?

FGA Travel Smart is on linkedin.