FGA Travel Smart

How to live sustainably was googled 4550% more in May 2020.

At FGA we set up one of the first alliances to accelerate the use and production of sustainable aviation fuel and we created FGA Travel Smart to 1) measure and monitor carbon and 2) create sustainable travel policies so we can live and travel more sustainably.

  • We work with airlines, fuel producers, mobility and tech solutions, travel management companies and the business travel sector
  • We create offset programmes, reduce global carbon emissions, create optimum travel programmes with emmission reduction in mind
  • We consider employee wellbeing and flexible working polices
  • We focus on scope 3 emissions

Who is FGA Travel Smart for?

Travel Managers, TMCs, CSR Managers, Department Directors, Finance Directors, CFOs, CEOs, Sustainability Managers.

What is FGA Travel Smart?

It is consultancy carried our by industry sustainably mobility experts and data scientists. It is advisory, workshops, offsetting, reduction plans, partnerships and commercial opportunities for you and your organisation.

Why work with FGA?

  • We write the sustainability standard for the business aviation sector
  • We are thought leaders in sustainable travel
  • We are building bridges and solutions across the travel industry
  • We are part of the UK working group working to fly delegates to COP26 on SAF
  • We are on the advisory board of a SAF project alongside Q8 Petroleum
  • We are pragmatic business solution providers with a climate focus
  • We are part of SAF industry and policy development work
  • And we will lobby when we need to push forward change

Our work is put together by researchers, scientists and industry experts and has been added to a list of top 5 sustainable travel solutions, December 2020, by senior industry leader Johnny Thorsen.

FGA Travel Smart…”one of the most relevant and exciting solutions” in sustainable travel.

Johnny Thorsen – VP, Innovation and Strategy – Amex Digital Labs – business travel thought leader

We’re working with companies on their net zero plans who would like to focus on reducing emission in travel. Is that you?

Please contact sarah@flygreenalliance.org to discuss how you can join our early adopters to become examples to the world. FGA Travel Smart is on linkedin.

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