At FGA we are looking for 1-2 paid interns. 

FGA are climate mitigation specialists focusing on reducing emission in the travel sector. We work and co-operate with corporations, the European Commission, fuel companies, airlines, EU lobbying associations and member states to bring funding, mechanisms and awareness to the sustainable travel sector. 

We’ve recently discussed our work in the press here and also presented at the Expedia and Linkedin offices in February to corporate travellers and travel management companies discussing our role in the industry. 

Our team consists of senior researchers and business developers and we’re keen to have more support to do both. 

Ideally the person/people have a research, sustainability, energy or aviation background but willingness to contribute and work hard is the main focus and career changers are very welcome.

If you speak Portuguese this is also a bonus. We’ll be on the look out for new team members on an ongoing basis so please get in touch for an initial chat or message with your CV and an intro message.


The FGA Team 

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