EU aviation alliance support for green recovery

The aviation industry losses will amount to $88 billion this year having lost up to 80% of traffic (IATA) due to the pandemic. It has been estimated that the industry will take between 2-5 years to recover but strong leadership has been demonstrated by a progressive move by the industry to campaign for green recovery. 

Recovery funds in the EU are available to industry partners working toward the Green Deal and green economy initiatives which the aviation stakeholders have continued to support, shown yesterday in a joint statement

On 12th June Fly Green Alliance and Art Fuels Forum hosted an event with IATA, Airlines for Europe (A4E), European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), European Commission, KLM, BA/IAG, Lufthansa, SkyNRG, Airports Region Council and Fed Ex in an effort to join up thinking on how the recovery for aviation can be forged. It was concluded that action needs to be taken to build back better and to be able to serve their customer’s desires for more sustainable travel options. 

Aviation relies heavily on fossil fuel based kerosene but sustainable aviation fuels are tested and ready to commercialise. It will require the support initially from governments, frequent flyers, corporate travellers, travel management companies, airlines themselves and the media to discuss the benefits of sustainable travel and also how to begin to do this. From market research by Ipsos MORI and Global Business Travel Association we’ve found that there is still little knowledge of what sustainable travel is and how to go about this. FGA are working on this and would be happy to present our findings and collaborate with you to enable a green recovery.

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