FGA joins EBAA’s sustainability working group

Fly Green Alliance has been invited to be part of a group of aviation and sustainability experts looking to work towards guiding the business aviation sector in reducing their emissions and becoming more sustainable. The work is managed through a work stream called Expanding Horizons‘ and sponsored by EBAA. Our first meeting was held on 23rd September and will be ongoing.

You can see the list of participants on the EBAA website.

The programme S.T.A.R.S. looks to create sustainability standards which cover topics from CORSIA, sustainable aviation fuels to plastics on board. As Bruce Parry, Senior Environment Manager at EBAA, mentioned in our first session, ‘there are no wrong answers, right now’, leaving the scope of the work open to development by the group.

EBAA Secretary-General Athar Husain Khan:

“The road to recovery from COVID-19 can and should happen in a sustainable way across all industries,” 

“For Business aviation, S.T.A.R.S. aims to provide the guidance and resources to do so. We anticipate having the standards and the accompanying label ready to launch in early 2021.”

FGA look forward to contributing to the decarbonisation of the business aviation sector through discussions and standards development in the coming months.


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