FGA attending Transport & Environment’s sustainability seminar

FGA, Sarah Wilkin and Ayesha Andrade, participated in Transport & Environment (T&E)‘s ‘Aviation post-Covid: a reset for resilience?’ event on 24th September.

T&E assembled a very knowledgeable and broad-spanning group of experts to present their research related to the aviation sector and to share some insights on potential impacts of COVID.

The research-based data and observations in the presentations were extremely thought-provoking. We appreciated the time and effort put into the event and the robust discussions we had during the day.

We looking forward to future discussions that may come from this group and all other stakeholders that are looking to decarbonise the aviation industry.

A special thanks to the presenters: Gerard RijkFrederic Thomas, PCS Union, Bauhaus Luftfahrt, Joris Melkert, Marc Stettler and Inga Margrete Ydersbond.

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