FGA Travel Smart – “one of the most relevant and exciting solutions..”

We are pleased to be on Johnny Thorsen’s innovation radar, VP of Strategy & Innovation at Amex Digital Labs and travel futurist, and listed as one of the most ‘relevant and exciting solutions’ in sustainable travel.

Johnny writes:
“Fly Green Alliance provides independent consulting services across a wide range of segments to corporations and individuals involved in buying of corporate travel. Through the FGA Travel Smart Program they help companies understand their current situation, create and execute a strategic framework for a sustainable travel program and monitor the ongoing performance along with the option to partner with a growing list of suppliers and customers to share knowledge, experience and ideas. 
Buzz builder : Leading the way towards a greener travel program”

It was a nice surprise to be added to the list at the close of 2020. We put our programme together last April and started to talk about our solution online throughout last year. FGA Travel Smart is a foundation framework which will support corporates to decarbonise their travel and will work with the sustainable fuel industry to support their growth. All working towards carbon neutral commitments in a measured, progressive and innovative way. The programme is gaining interest from some great early adopter companies and we’ll roll out the application this year with the view to creating some case studies as examples to others.

It is great to be recognised for our work in the field of sustainable travel and we will be, as part of our ongoing work, continuing to develop projects with investors and lobby for policy change across the ecosystem in order to scale the sustainable aviation fuel industry and work towards green travel development in view of meeting the Paris Agreement.

You can read Johnny’s full report here listing other tech solutions and carbon management platforms in this area.

FGA Travel Smart is one of our solutions, and in 2021 we will be announcing others with a carbon reduction focus involving fuel suppliers, transport companies, logistics companies, investors and more while strategically partnering with other consultancies.

Going forward when you travel, will you Travel Smart?

Contact sarah@flygreenalliance.org to discuss your needs for 2021 onwards.

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