FGA’s mental and neuro health project work

As part of our commitment at FGA we are actively supporting mental health and wellbeing, and have integrated and acknowledged this in our FGA Travel Smart programme.

We believe in ‘put your own mask on, before you help others’ so we look after ourselves and our team physically and mentally, especially recently when times have been tough and uncertain.


Sarah Wilkin, FGA founder, is in a project team with Hendrik Saare – sound designer and researcher, Micheal Carthy and Tiffany Ballou – psychologists. Teresa Atkin, Executive Coach, also acting as an advisor. The team collectively bringing together experience and knowledge from many different disciplines and schools of academic thought.

We are working together on a self-compassion based approach to personal development goals (PDGs), you can read Tiffany’s post on this work here. This will be applicable across our personal and professional lives and will be suitable for anyone wanting to move forward with behavioural patterns not serving them or to improve communication and relationships overall.

We’ll be sharing more in the coming months and will be asking for support to understand this complicated and important topic further through polling and questionnaires.

Our project team up for the job:

Have a good mental health day!

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