Sarah Wilkin on SAF alliances and United Airline’s Eco-Skies Alliance

Sarah Wilkin founder & CEO of Fly Green Alliance was asked to comment on the United Airline’s co-funded SAF programme ‘Eco-Skies Alliance’.

FGA, pioneers in SAF global solutions, set up Fly Green Alliance and subsequently FGA Travel Smart to do exactly this. Asking the corporate world, do you want to fly green? Then working out how much their total carbon is and building sustainable travel policies which include commitment to sustainable aviation fuel and offsetting.

“Corporate customers are moving fast to develop sustainable travel solutions, mechanisms and SAF offsets,” said Sarah Wilkin, chief executive of Fly Green Alliance, an Amsterdam-based SAF consultancy that have built a sustainable travel programme. “The key is to create and adopt measurable programmes, tools and reporting systems that work towards carbon neutral commitments and ESG policy developments. We believe commitments through an alliance will support the SAF industry scale up, accelerate investments and increase project developments, which is needed to reach 2050 targets.”

You can read the full article written by Mark Pilling online on the GreenAir News website.

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