Independent consultants vs big firms

We’ve chosen to keep FGA independent, agnostic and flexible.


  • We can give advice which is truly sustainable and without an agenda
  • We make ethical decisions on who we work with and make sure we don’t cut those out that supported in the name of competition
  • Avoids ‘collaboration-washing’ – with conflicts of interest at play all the time commercially, working with an independent can get you to where you want to be without complications
  • Meaning contracts and NDAs can be signed quickly, will be agreed to and avoids grey areas later
  • A bigger consultancy/travel company may have the brand exposure but is that important when it comes to sustainability?
  • A personalised and bespoke service
  • We want to bring up topics that are blockers and need to be voiced
  • We want to be impartial
  • Be independent experts in sustainability, sustainable travel and fuels
  • We maintain integrity over commercial opportunity
  • Have collaboration in mind to avoid topics and solutions being blocked

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