FGA’s Sarah Wilkin at The Economist Sustainability Week discussing SAF

Panel topic:

Biofuels have become a part of the everyday energy mix and now on the increase as part of energy transition targets. As regulations increase the aviation industry is accelerating use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) as a route to 2050 decarbonisation objectives. This panel will look at how sustainable aviation fuels are evolving and discuss what environmental impact they will have. How are SAFs being developed including investment opportunities in the sector? And how sustainable are they? Can SAFs be made in a way that does not damage biodiversity or compete with feeding the world?

Moderator: Daniel Bloch, Sustainable Aviation Fuel Manager, IATA

Time: 5th October, 2.30 BST /3.30 CET – live Q&A/pre recorded session

Agenda: read more


Sarah Wilkin, Founder & CEO, Fly Green Alliance (FGA)

Valerie Reed Director, bioenergy technologies office, office of energy efficiency and renewable energy, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Leigh Hudson, Sustainable Fuels and Carbon, at British Airways

Rachel Delhaise, Head of Sustainability, at Convex Insurance.

We are looking forward to an interesting discussion with our group of experts in aviation, fuels and finance.

Watch on demand: here.

Read our short sum up: here.

FGA will also be part of the startup networking session on 4th October in person. Read more online about the 4 other startups who will be part of this new Economist initiative: here.

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