easyJet stops carbon offset use

Why does this make sense for easyJet?

* Science Based Targets (SBTi) do not accept offsets as a carbon reduction

*However, sustainable aviation fuel is accepted as a reduction in aviation by SBTi so it is possible to use a SAF unit or credit instead, some view it is a different kind of offset or insetting, do you want to find out more?

*SBTi aligns with the life cycle analysis (LCA) that CORSIA proposes for airlines, which is created by the UN body ICAO, for all airlines; life cycle analysis counts how much carbon reduction there is across the whole process of making the fuel compared with using fossil fuels

*easyJet is working towards Science Based Targets as is 3821 other global companies which is set up by WWF, one of the most trusted organisations in planetary conservation

*it’s future focused and ahead of the curve decision

*supports avoidance of greenwashing accusations, even though offsets do have their role, many do not like to see just offsetting alone

Why does hydrogen make sense for easyJet over electric?

*they are a European carrier with flights between 30 mins to 5 hours – so medium haul flights with around 200-300 seats

*electric is only ever likely to support regional and very short haul flights due to the energy the battery can carry versus the weight of the battery

*airbus, Boeing and the major manufacturers (OEMs) are investing in hydrogen planes aiming for market use around 2035

*there is a new EU alliance ‘Zero Emission Aviation Alliance‘ to support the political will of hydrogen powered aircrafts which is the biggest technological change since aviation started earlier in the 20th century

*political will, societal acceptance and investment is what is needed to switch from hydrocarbon based fuel to hydrogen, not just tech alone

What else could easyJet still do?

*promote and buy sustainable aviation fuel now and in the medium term

*support more customers to know about sustainable fuels and reducing their own footprint in other ways (www.carbonfasting.com)

*lobby for hydrogen uptake and investment in Brussels

*carry out social listening to listen to all stakeholders including flight shaming arguments and work with independent consultants

Do you have other ideas and comments? Contacts us to share your thoughts. Read more on easyJet’s plans on GreenAir.

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