Nottingham Forest take 20 min domestic flight to Blackpool

“Whether it is right or wrong, I think it is pretty normal for a team, in the Premier League particularly, and for a lot of Championship teams, to fly distances like that.” – says Steve Cooper, Head Coach of Forest

“We don’t think there is ever a need to take a flight domestically in a small country.” we told the BBC.

In the last few years FGA have written the sustainability standards for the business aviation sector which includes private jets. We wrote the standard on sustainable aviation fuel use within the sector so have been advocating for the use of greener fuels for essential air travel since our start. The standards are now complete and being tested at pilot level within the sector. As a company we understand air travel will occur and we are not working to stop all of that but demand and growth do need to be curbed, which is part of the aviation sector’s plan through Destination 2050. We have been researching electric planes for shorter journeys which at test level are at a 44 seater size now. We also have been testing and promoting multi modal travel; more eMobility, electric vehicles, hydrogen buses and the train. We also saw Liverpool did take the train last year to one London game. Credit to them.

“We are under a lot of pressure globally to reduce carbon especially from travel,” FGA said in a statement to the BBC.

“As athletes and Premier League clubs have such high profiles they can have a really strong role in climate topics.”

We have been working with leading sports organisations on low carbon travel and are experts in the field, always researching, building projects, investment and have pioneered sustainability when it wasn’t popular to do so, we’re not there yet as we can see from the BBC article but we are getting initiatives and solutions more integrated into business as usual in sport.

Reach out if you want to discuss your needs, we take an advisory position, give the latest leading edge information and guidance and get you ahead of the game.

Read about FGA’s involvement in writing the sustainability standards for the business aviation sector here.

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