What are the basket of measures for aviation decarbonisation?

This is the term that has been used to describe the solutions that are available to the hardest to decarbonise industry, aviation. 

They have been decided upon by the UN body ICAO and agreed by IATA, member states including and leading aviation associations globally.

EUROCONTROL created some key diagrams which show the measures and a graph of decarbonisation predictions for the next 30 years, giving context to the scale we need to achieve. 

EUROCONTROL – Think paper #4 – September 2019 
EUROCONTROL – Think paper #4 – September 2019 

Sustainable aviation fuels is our work and what we are working to increase production of and demand for. This can be synthetic fuels made from green hydrogen or biofuels. The discussion last week hosted by Euractiv and EBAA titled ‘Aviation’s contribution to a green and sustainable recovery’ , mentioned that e-fuels are touted as a favourite but our work with chemistry professors, who do not see these fuels being commercially viable in the short term, has taught us we should look to solutions that are available now for pure speed-to-market. 

There is much talk of don’t just back one horse in the industry. In this case it seems financially we should mainly back the horse that is proven to work, has been in testing for 10 years and doesn’t involve relying on others to make it, but we should also back the near-favourites and complete outsiders to keep them in the race and who look like promising future contenders.  

This year the ‘ICAO Stocktaking Seminar on aviation in-sector CO₂ emissions reductions’ event, presented online over 4 days, discussed recovery of aviation and how this is a period of opportunity for increased green activity. With the aviation industry enlisting government support in major bailouts and some sunk into bankruptcy it’s unlikely the airlines can invest in sustainable fuels at scale in the future so we need the investors on board and consumer power and dollar. Follow us on instagram to support the fly green movement (alliance).

In a presentation given at the ICAO stocktaking event Shell predicted hydrogen being available by 2070-2100 for aviation.  Airbus this year presented the hydrogen plane and has predicted it being ready from 2035. This would be a great solution. 

Martin Haigh, Senior Energy and Climate Change Adviser – Shell

Vacillation will always occur in such long term environmental and economic predictions involving assumptions and unpredictability, and now a pandemic. We consult with academics, applied scientists, technology producers and economists to forms our thinking.  Feel free to reach out to us for expert advice on the SAF investment market and global trends in the sustainable green travel sector. Contact sarah@flygreenalliance.org to discuss your needs.

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