FGA at European Air Law Association Seminar

As the guest of Bird & Bird, Sarah Wilkin founder of FGA joined the members of the European Air Law Association, to talk about sustainable aviation fuel, sustainability linked loans and the mechanisms available to ensure a green transition can be contracted and added to financial arrangement as part of commitments by the aviation industry to decarbonise.

It is an important part of FGA’s work to ‘get into the weeds’ and work with industry stakeholders to work through complex topics and ways forward as well as tech solutions available. You can join Fly Green Alliance as a member to stay current on topics across the energy transition, aviation, fuel and mobility. Read more.

The seminar hosted by Mortan Hans Jakobsen from Gorrissen Federspiel was a closed group where questions could be asked openly and many case studies were discussed. Sarah at FGA is happy to discuss more with legal, investors and strategist in the sector. Please get in touch.

Thanks to anettesonderby.dk for the photos.

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