FGA Sports – Football for the Goals official member

We are pleased to say our work in football and sustainability has been recognised by the United Nations by officially accepting us to be part of the UN and UEFA founded group ‘Football for the Goals’.

As part of this group FGA Sports are already introducing the UN to other potential members, are feeding back and suggesting topics for future events and will continue to bring up information and guidance on the topic of travel in sport which is FGA Sports specialism and a huge part of sporting events. FGA’s work involves advisory, partnerships, investments, infrastructure projects and developments and through our work we’ll continue to innovate in sustainability and more.

FGA started work as consultants through Life TACKLE with Sant Anna University, a UEFA supported, and granted project in 2019 and began by supporting the research with report writing and dissemination when we brought together Birmingham County FA and Life TACKLE at St George’s Park in Feb 2022, as soon as we could reconvene after the pandemic.

This brought together Aston Villa, Wolves, West Bromich Albion, Birmingham City, Pledgeball, Football for Future and more in the first collaborative sustainability workshop in football involving Premier League clubs, where sharing and discussion were encouraged to support a group starting the big task of greening the game.

FGA Sports’ work in football started when supporting Favela United in their parallel World Cup in 2018, as voluntary work, offered through a manager working with Common Goal. At the time, the professor, Sarah Wilkin (founder) was working with on a Booking.com grant, was working with Mathieu Flamini’s biochemical company – GF Biochemicals. This inspired Sarah to realise football and footballers had the potential to make climate action mainstream and part of the norm, and she could see their strong influence being able to mobilise the 5 billion fans worldwide, which she saw could have a huge impact.

6 years later after sticking to the purpose, despite the multiple obstacles, this is now the case. FGA Sports was created and is now just one of the groups working on societal change through the beautiful game.

“Rome wasn’t built in a year, and neither was it dissembled and put back together with a new purpose, new values and vision in a year either” – FGA Sports.

New football is doing well with record breaking viewing figures as we just headed into the final of the Women’s World Cup 2023: England Vs Spain. Let us continue to collaborate, support each other, follow the SDGs, bring new ideas and business opportunities and to kick carbon out of the game.

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