The global SAF list

FGA will begin to create a list of known SAF purchases to begin to aggregate and collate the progress so far.

We also ask you to contribute to the global list by letting us know through this submission form about any commitments you are aware of so we can create the definitive list online.

As we know from the renewal electricty market, corporate commitments are powerful drivers in building a market and capacity. See our case study from the report SAF Mechanisms:

Some of the SAF purchases to start with:

Bank of America

 JPMorgan Chase & Co., 


Julius Baer


Bill Gates





1 in 5 clients through Fly Victor

45 airlines (out of 5000 ICAO listed)

Fly Green Alliance talks further in S&P Global. “Investing in SAF is not for the feint hearted”

You can add more of the SAF global purchases through this submission form.

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