The Golden Bullet

Watch ‘The Golden Bullet’ full documentary here, out now!

The first mini documentary from FGA (Fly Green Alliance) 

The trailer can be watched here,

Self funded and independently produced documentary by Fly Green Alliance.
The energy transition for aviation and travel is a large challenge. We explore this challenge in this brand new documentary.

The Golden Bullet? Read more about the origins here.

With thanks to Wizz Air and Adrienn KeszeiRepsol and Oliver Fernández ✈Honeywell and Leigh AbramsChristopher Surgenor and Green Air, OMVGevo, Inc.Axens, Sponsor: Convex Insurance and (original sponsor).Also featuring FGA (Fly Green Alliance).
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Directed by, scripted and narrated by Sarah Wilkin
Produced and edited by Richard Gardt
Filmed at Sustainable Aviation Futures


Watch the trailer here.

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