Independent European-based team. Heather Wray and Sarah Wilkin having both been awarded grants through the Booking Cares programme in 2018 and 2019.

FGA strategically partner with carbon offset project builders with 10+ years experience and have a network of communication and sustainability specialist working alongside us.

Sarah Wilkin

Founder & CEO – policy, advocacy, strategy, business development – Amsterdam (British).

Maurice Hoenderdos

Carbon Emissions Accounting Consultant – Haarlem (Dutch).

Richard Thornton

Investment Advisor/NED – London (British).

Heather Wray PhD

Researcher, scientist, senior sustainability advisor – Amsterdam (Canadian).

Amy Gilmore

Researcher – London (British).

Gareth James

Branding & Communications Consultant – Brighton (British).

Sarah Wilkin has been part of a group of aviation stakeholders working to fly delegates to COP26 on sustainable aviation fuel, is part of a working group through EBAA developing sustainability standards for the business aviation sector and is on the advisory board of a sustainable fuel R&D project being developed in conjunction with Q8 Petroleum.

As well as our team seen here we are also currently developing the careers of 4 graduates.

FGA are strategically advised by a non-executive group working in policy, investments and business development from aviation, the business travel sector and the biofuel industry. We combine knowledge and expertise across these industries to deliver solutions to support the development of sustainable travel.