DEI in the workplace

= Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Most of us have a good grasp of diversity and inclusion.

So what is equity?

Equity is about fairness, justice and impartiality in procedure, processes and distribution by institutions or in systems.

It’s about having and feeling you have the same ability to get promoted, to contribute and have the same impact as others.

As we know it, equity is usually the word we use when discussing how much value/cash/collateral we have in a property. If your equity is low then you have less money, bargaining power and ability to move or make a change. In a work situation we could say it is the same.

Mentorship is important to us at FGA and before we knew about the equity part of DEI we realised and discussed that the way we operate is important to us and creates a company culture that we want to portray to others. One of our graduate’s Pauline said recently:

“What I have liked the most about the internship so far is how you can work at your own rhythm, how it doesn’t feel hierarchical and being able to have open conversations with Sarah (FGA founder) ranging from what’s happening with FGA (and feeling like I’m treated as an equal member of the board and not as just the intern) to personal development!” 

Pauline Ronnet – FGA Graduate

Our conclusion on equity is that it is about being listen to, compensated fairly, treated well and given the opportunity to speak up in a two-way conversation with the ability to get fair feedback.

We see from our company and other’s that creating high equity for employees means higher staff retention, a positive working culture, a more innovative business and offer, a more resilient workforce who have the ability to handle change and crisis better, which all lead to increased financial and reputational benefits for an organisation.

Is there much DEI in aviation?

From our conversations we see there are DEI champions/promoters in many organisation in aviation but the industry is open about it not being at the forefront of DEI, however we see new roles appearing which are promoting culture, diversity and inclusion much more as well as the development of mental health policies and increased women in aviation events.

We also see companies such as for example have new role developments such as an Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging Specialist.

Understanding people, their motivations, their struggles, agendas and goals can only do a business good when building resilience and a strong stable workforce.

At FGA, as a female strong team, and a promoter of mental health policies in the workplace we have decided to add a DEI function to our work and look forward to developing this further in the coming months.

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