Sustainability news channel, Access ECO, interviews Sarah Wilkin – founder & CEO of FGA

The sustainability news channel Access Eco approached Sarah Wilkin to discuss how FGA evolved, their work in the industry and the outlook for sustainable travel and sustainable aviation fuel in the coming years.

You can watch the interview here on youtube.

As Sarah discusses in this interview it will be the support of the large corporations that will begin to shift the work in sustainable travel and sustainable aviation fuel use, then awareness building will ensure on a global level everyone starts to know about this work. This is why we have also started to build our instagram to begin to encourage the conversation from a consumer perspective.

As Bill Gates writes: ‘Addressing CO2 produced from travel is vital to ensure the sustainability of the planet, whilst still ensuring economic benefits associated with travel.’

We have written some words on market measures here to go alongside this interview which discusses some of our thinking and findings.

Sarah mentions also the power companies such as Google, who have been working on their sustainability commitments through initiatives such as their new Impact Challenge which closes this week on 6th November.

Extreme weather incident from climate and climate action is very serious to us at FGA and all of our efforts work towards accelerating this work while working with industry to do this. We make sure that policy makers, NGOs, airlines, fuel producers and all stakeholders know that we are here to connect dots, highlight potential blockages and work on true collaboration as diplomatically and constructively as is within our abilities. We are working very hard in the space to make an impact with our personal energy and approach.

Also shown on ROKU TV & Amazon FireTv.

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